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scissor lift







Platform table: 3mm Flat plate bending

Track: 5mm The flat plate is bent to make the rail, and the nylon slider is used as the guide wheel. The contact surface is large, the lifting is stable, and the shaking is small. 

Pumping station: The emergency down valve is installed, the platform can be manually controlled to reduce the power failure; the built-in overflow valve can prevent the system pressure from being too high during the upward movement, and the overload protection function is realized.

Tire: Wear-resistant rubber pneumatic tire

Distribution box: Delixi brand, contactor array connection, installation of thermal overload protection, phase loss protection and other safety protection functions

Control form: Up and down control. The control section is equipped with an emergency stop to ensure maximum property and personal safety.

36V safety control voltage for each operating part

Limit switch: Shanghai people brand

Shaft pin: 45# Round steel is matched and tempered. SF-2 oil-free self-lubricating bearing between each pin.

Hydraulic oil: 32# Antiwear hydraulic oil

Lifting speed: 4-6 m/ min, adjustable speed

Rust removal treatment: Shot blasting, sand blasting and rust removal; removing the rust and splash on the surface of the steel structural member can produce a certain degree of unevenness on the surface of the steel member and increase the adhesion of the powder.

Spray treatment: Spraying with electrostatic powder; excellent appearance of coating, strong adhesion and mechanical strength, high color brightness, long-lasting color

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