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Construction hoist - Roller

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  • Nylon roller wheel
  • Nylon roller wheel

  • Description:
  • Nylon wheel is an important branch of products abrasives, grinding wheels and other strong following the belt after cutting abrasive products abrasive products.

    Nylon wheel products are mainly from the main component of nylon fiber mesh, grinding media (ore), adhesive resins and other components, which may add an endothermic additives, fillers, pigments and other additives.

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  • Description

Nylon wheel products are mainly divided into two categories, composite wheel (Unitized Wheel, Figure 1) and wound up round (Convolute Wheel, Figure 2).

Composite wheel from the industrial BaiJie cloth (Nylon Prebond) method by roll coating glue (glue containing a binder and abrasive, etc.) is applied and a piece of the stack pressure combined baking curing in an oven and finally punched from . After tightly wound round by the same method is applied, in a special die into a rolling bar, and cured by baking.Web nylon wheel nylon products for mechanical support of three-dimensional network, flexible abrasive grinding workpiece, cold cutting, blockades and other characteristics. Wheel belt lined with more delicate than grain number, soft, bright. Bibb wheel, flax wheel cutting force stronger, lined clearer. Therefore, nylon wheel used in the wheel, after sanding belt and electroplating and specular front channel processing. Therefore, surface treatment is nylon wheels (Surface conditioning) important abrasive, it has a good deal out of the lined ornamental, widely used in road treatment of household hardware products.

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